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Link Building: Step by Step Guide

As the race to rank the highest continues, there are increasingly new ways to explore to optimize your webpage for search engines.

Gone are the days when just the number of links mattered. With search engines continually revising their algorithm and policies, there’s more weightage on the quality of the links.

For search engines to honestly acknowledge your content as worthy of ranking, you need to ensure the links you embed are relevant and reliable.

There’s much to discuss regarding link building, so let’s dive right in without much further ado.

What is Link Building?

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Links, as the name suggests, link your website to other pages. They’re great for SEO and generating traffic to your website. If implemented correctly, link building can lift your website off the ground and help it soar to new heights.

However, it’s a tricky path to tread, as with all things, so we’ve devised a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

1.    Know Your Audience

For any website owner, it’s essential to understand your target audience’s needs and know what your target audience looks like.

Your content, after all, is meant for your audience. If you’re not meeting their needs, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

Instead, it would be best if you took some time to study your data analytics and get to know the people behind the clicks.

2.    Don’t Spam

On a similar note, excessive links can come across as spammy and are likely to put off your audience and negatively affect their user experience. Instead, opt for a holistic approach and don’t go overboard with the links.

Remember, quality over quantity.

3.    Good Content

We cannot stress this enough; good content is key to getting links from external websites. If you want more excellent conversion rates, you need to be willing to put in the work and give your audience value for their time.

Good content helps build trust and attracts website owners, and gets them to link to your site.

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4.    Relevancy

Once you’re done creating the content for your website, you need to look out for websites to link to. At this point, you may be intrigued to send out a bunch of requests to almost any website that’ll link to your website, but you need to be selective.

Only reach out to relevant websites that match your niche. Otherwise, your chances of hitting a link can decrease significantly.

5.    Connect and Request

Now that you’ve made your top picks, it’s time to reach out to the owners.

Stop right there if you’re thinking of sending out a dull, automated email! Put in some effort to personalize the email, don’t just tell them why they should link to your website. Show them!

6.    Link Building Packages

Link building can get overwhelming, especially with all the dos and don’ts. However, that’s where link building packages come in.

They’re a great way to optimize your content by building links without the added stress.

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