Blogging , Art And The Web

Blogging , art and the world wide web are three different entities that can all have effects on each other in different ways as well as linked by common interests and occurrences. Increasingly across the web growing numbers of people are choosing to blog as well as publish their art on the web in order to gain more exposure as well as followers for their work. But a major question is what does blogging , art  and the web all have in common?


Blogging is a form of journalism/note taking that is particularly popular with the younger generation. Blogging has been around for a number of years and can be undertaken on a wide variety of different platforms. Typically blogs are based around a certain topic or theme. However increasingly many are becoming personal writing outlets for individuals or groups to talk about their day to day lives or notable events in life/current affairs.

Regardless of the blog topic or user , it is very clear that there is a growing demand for blogging overall across the world and it likely to see continued growth in the years to come. This is partly due to the number of websites available where users can blog on. For example sites such as WordPress , Blogspot and Wix all offer free blogging platforms as well as paid plans to allow users to access additional features and expand their websites or blogs.

Blogs are an excellent way to unwind and can be a good source of engaging and informative information that can provide helpful tips as well as general information.


Another important category that is available across the web is art. Art can be seen in many different forms across the internet and also on blogs. Art is important as it can bring people together as well as convey a wide variety of different messages overall depending on how it has been interpreted. One thing that both art sites and blogging websites have in common is that often both sites encourage comments from users visiting the website.

This is because feedback is valuable to the content creators as it means that they can improve their work in future and also make changes to ensure that it is high quality and up to a high standard overall. Another point in common that both categories online have is that often the two platforms and ideas cross-over. This is because websites such as tumblr typically encourages uses to use images as well as text and often art and designs are shared on the site across people’s blogs as well as in general.

The Web

The web is a term used to describe the internet or world wide web. The web encompasses the entirety of the internet and was created in the 1980s. Since this time period the internet has grown dramatically with billions of people using the internet on a daily basis for a variety of different purposes. In future it is likely the internet is going to grow further and potentially even be integrated with new forms of technology such as artificial intelligence or more advanced computing technology


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