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The Magic Of Paid Search – Why You Need PPC Agency Manchester

With the world getting more technology dependent and consumers becoming less trusting of advertising – marketers are having to find new and creative ways to market their products to new and existing customers.

Digital marketing has grown massively in the last ten years with a growing number of websites – the number has quadrupled since 2010. This incredibly saturated market is making it difficult for some smaller brands to stand out amongst their competitors – hence why digital marketing has become incredibly important. With Google continuously changing their algorithm to maximise user experience, it can impact the positions of websites. This is where pay per click comes in excellently – especially when you hire a PPC agency Manchester who know exactly what to do and make the right decisions for your brand.

PPC Agency Manchester

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC – or pay-per-click is a way to advertise online on platforms such as Google, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook. You design the ad using the relevant keywords. You then pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad. Adverts are carefully designed to ensure the correct customer is targeted. If the ad doesn’t target the correct demographic then you could risk wasting a lot of money on advertising that isn’t working – which is especially risky for smaller or start up businesses.


PPC Agency Manchester

How Does PPC Strengthen Your Marketing Campaign?

Google have realised that since the introduction of smartphones consumers are constantly ‘googling’ things. From restaurant menus, cinema times, phone numbers of companies, even the actor who starred in that film they watched last night. If someone, for example, were to search for ‘Gyms in Glasgow’ and your ad has those exact keywords you’re ad would be visible to that consumer who could potentially join your gym. It is an excellent tactic for increasing the visibility of your brand. If done well this could bring you in hundreds to thousands of leads – depending on the service you offer.

PPC Agency Manchester

Why You Should Hire PPC Agency Manchester Rather Than Do It Yourself

Whether you are a small or medium company or even a start up you probably know your business and where you want it to go inside out. So hiring external professionals can sometimes be a little daunting at the thought of them ruining your vision for the brand. However, digital marketing can be an extremely difficult concept to understand so without risking wasting your money getting it wrong, it is a great idea to hire a digital marketing agency or PPC agency Manchester who will have the expertise to get it right and gain you some leads.They can come up with a relevant price plan and package – whether you want them to focus on just PPC or SEO for example or hire them to put together a full digital campaign which includes social media and email.

PPC Agency Manchester

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