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Best Clothing on a Budget in The USA

Whether you’re on a budget or not, you’re bound to find the perfect item of clothing from a number of different brands. We’ve compiled some of our favorites so that you can save money while looking stylish. You can also shop for unique pieces that have a designer quality. If you’re on a tight budget, H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and ASOS are great places to start.


While ASOS offers the most affordable prices on many items, there is a catch: not everyone is able to afford their pricey designer brands. You may be surprised to learn that ASOS sells some of the best quality clothing at affordable prices. Its clothing has excellent quality and can last for years when worn on a daily basis. And if you do need to repair a piece of ASOS clothing, you can do so easily and without any hassle.


Everlane is a direct-to-consumer clothing brand. This means that it skips the factory markup and maintains ethical manufacturing practices. The brands affordable pieces are designed to build a capsule wardrobe. Everlane clothing is designed to fit together like family pieces, so you can create a complete outfit for a fraction of the cost. Everlane also specializes in denim, with many styles available for less than $100.


When shopping online, it’s easy to find great clothing without spending a fortune. While Zara is known for its high-end clothing, their prices are reasonable for anyone on a budget. You can even save on expensive pieces by registering to receive notifications when they’re back in stock. While the brand is known for its statement-making pieces, you can also find great deals on basics, such as t-shirts and jeans.


When you want to look your best but still be on a budget, Uniqlo is the place to go. They sell high-quality basics at incredibly low prices, including t-shirts, shorts, and jeans. You can buy anything from t-shirts to socks, and they are affordable enough to fit almost anyone’s budget. Unlike fashion imitators like Gap, H&M, and Old Navy, Uniqlo’s clothes are made with high-quality materials and innovative fabrication to ensure a comfortable fit and look.

Old Navy

While you can’t find a designer label at an Old Navy, you can find affordable basics and quality apparel at an amazing price. Old Navy sells a wide variety of basic wardrobe items, including shirts, pants, and jeans. Dresses at Old Navy are usually fully lined and have cute detail work like pleating. There are a few shelves of inexpensive jewelry and accessories, as well as leggings and scarves. You’ll also find e.l.f makeup on display.

J.Crew Factory

If you’re looking to save money on clothes, head to the J.Crew Factory. Located in the Great Mall, this retailer sells both regular store items and factory line items. You can save a great deal of money shopping at this store, as you’ll find items that are half the price of their regular prices. And, if you’re on a budget, you can save even more money by snatching up clearance items.


Choosing the best clothes for a tight budget is possible thanks to a variety of sales at Macy’s. You will find designer clothing and handbags at affordable prices, including many house brands and discounted Apple products. If you are shopping for maternity clothes, Macy’s is a great place to start. The department store offers a wide range of sizes, from small to plus-size. There are also many home items, including exclusive lines from Martha Stewart.

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