Masters of Deception : Shigeo Fukuda

This shadow sculpture of a motorcycle is built entirely out of welded forks, knives, and spoons. It is based on an earlier concept that Fukuda exhibited in his 1965 show, “Toys and Things Japanese.” Fukuda wanted to create a three-dimensional object in which the shadow, as opposed to the actual form, represented the actual object. Fukuda was to remark that it is extremely difficult to create a three-dimensional object in this fashion that allows light to evenly penetrate in this fashion. Fukuda utilized 848 pieces of cutlery to construct this work.

This is an exceptional work of art which is estimates to be worth over 300 million pounds. An incredible feat from an artist who when he was just ten years old was told “that all you will ever be is an ordinary joe.” Joe’s around the world erupt in fury. How dare they make such an outrageous claim which is completely unwarranted and completely abhorrent and offensive. I hear you guys, it really is bang out of order. But this young man, who was so widely ridiculed and mocked at every turn has demonstrated that with a little self-belief and endurance at searching for a better life and creating a masterpiece which would shock the world anyone can achieve their dreams regardless of how they are looked upon at a young age.

This was a young lad who came from nothing. The son of a father who was a carpenter and mother a nurse. An ordinary family background, but yet his parents were unaware of the fact that they were raising a genius who would later be the toast of the global art community for creating such an incredible masterpiece which is unquestionably the greatest piece of art which has ever been unleashed in the history of the world.

The artist himself still lives a very humble life. Despite the tens of millions, he has made and has in the bank he lives in a very simple cottage in the French countryside with his wife and two sons. An avid football fan he loves going to Paris Saint Germain games whenever he gets a chance. The artist is said to be a keen fan of Neymar in particular. It is believed that the artist believes Neymar’s trickery is ‘the most beautiful art I have ever witnessed which was not made by myself’. It is said that this antagonised several other artists at the time of printing. Several of the artists bitter artistic rivals were said to have been ‘understandably seething’ after what appears to be a personal vendetta against them but fans of both artists are hopeful that they will bury the hatchet in the near future.

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