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Minox DCC Leica is a fantastic store that sells all sorts of USB drives which are shaped like a thumb but have a varied style of different types of sushi. Although they may be slightly expensive the style of these pen drives is of such a fantastic unique style that there is no question that you will never mix up your pen drive with anyone else’s.

In this modern era where uniqueness is placed upon with such huge importance, Minox provides incredibly cool pen drives which allow you to separate yourself from the rest and stand out from the crowd. In modern times, there is no greater urge which consumers want to take advantage of other than customisation. Customisation is done by the user. An app/service may enable users to customize or make changes to the experience to meet their specific needs by configuring layout, content, or functionality. Minox allows you the option of personalising your pen drive to suit your own personalised needs and wants.

It is now an incredibly big part of society that people want to focus on being different from everybody else. Minox’s pen drives provide people with the platform to do exactly that and stand alone. No two pen drives will be the same and nobody will ever get mixed up with your pen drives ever again. After a survey in 2015, it was shown that 65% of working people had all mixed up their pen drive with another person at some point throughout their working career. This survey was a huge factor in Minox being founded after their founder realised there was unquestionably a market for personalised pen drives. As a result, the brand was founded, with types of sushi the first types of pen drives to be showcased in the hope of them becoming popular enough as a brand for the company to eventually introduce personalisation techniques which allows the consumer to take control of the product immediately and lets them design the product to cater directly to their needs.

Minox are a company which have a huge place in the personalisation market and it is undoubtedly a huge factor in them becoming the hugely successful firm which they are that they introduced the personalisation element to their produce. This was a stroke of marketing genius which is completely unmatched by many of their rivals in the pen drive marketplace.

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