How To Get Your Art Out To A Wider Audience

Art is something that all of us can enjoy in one way or another whether it be looking at art exhibitions or viewing paintings online. However although there are millions of pieces of art available to see from around the word there are a large proportion of artists that struggle to be seen or heard within  the industry due to a lack of promotion. In this article we will look at the different methods and tools that can be used to help give artists professional and amateur a platform for their work to be featured.


What Does Art Mean To People?

In order to understand why art needs a platform it is important to understand what art means to people overall and why it is so important. Art to many is a form of expression that can be conveyed through many different means e.g a painting , street art murals , exhibits , prints , drawings etc. Depending on how something is interpreted different people can interpret art in different ways depending on their own thoughts and feelings. Art is really important because it has been around for centuries and serves as a form of communication for different civilisations as well as a way to convey ideas and imagery to people.

So overall it is difficult to categorise what art means to people overall as it means many different things to different people overall. This is because art can take so many different forms and be used as a tool to convey political , religious and social messages to the masses. Historically this has been the case although increasingly art is being used for recreational purposes rather than  a primary form of communication between people .


How Can Artists Reach Larger Audiences?

Having established what art can mean to people and what its purpose is it is important to now understand what artists can do in order to reach larger overall audiences in order to promote their work. One of the best ways in which artists can promote their work to larger audiences overall is by publicising their work via social media. Social media is a great way in which to promote your art work as often it can be shared by users and amongst your friend groups. For example starting a Facebook page for your art is a good way in which to promote it overall as this is far more likely to attract interest from people online.

This can keep followers updated with regular art posts. Another social media platform that artists can use to promote their work is Instagram. Instagram makes a great platform for hosting art as Instagram is tailored to communities and there is a significant art community on Instagram.

Additionally ,hashtags ca be utilised to feature posts with art and showcases them to other users who are searching for that hashtag or following it and this means it is likely to appear in their feed. Lastly traditional methods of promotion such as word as mouth as well as in-person events are another great way in which art can be promoted to significantly larger audiences overall.


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