damp proofing

Damp Proofing in the Home

You might not realise it, but a huge amount of the do it yourself industry is a direct result of one fact. Damp. If your home is not properly protected against damp and water penetration, you will face a real problem and potentially a big problem. We all know that damp is one of the biggest problems faced by home owners, especially in the UK where the damp climate means that properties are at the mercy of the elements. Building regulations state that any newly constructed property or extension to a building should by law have damp proofing measures in place, whether this is below ground or built into the foundations. This is why damp proofing is a must when a property is about to be sold or floated without any chance of getting modern double glazing or an external wall which is not damp proof. If you’re about to sell your home, you must ensure that it meets all the fire and damp proofing regulations including double glazing and security systems to safeguard your investment.

damp proofing

Damp Proofing Benefits

Having the correct damp proofing measures in place can make a massive difference to your profit when the time comes to sell. This is extremely important as you could have been living there for several years already with no damp problems, then when the new buyer moves in an experiences damp you could be liable.. For existing homeowners, it is highly recommended that you search the internet for damp proofing companies to make your home more protected. You should have no problem finding a few companies that specialise in damp proofing and preventing damp build-up or mould. The most obvious way to find a damp proofing company is through someone who has had an experience in this industry. Word of mouth is generally the biggest advertising system so by finding out who has had success in this business you can be sure that your search will be headed in the right direction.

damp proofing

How To Choose A Company

Ideally you will find a named contractor whom you can relate to, which can give you great peace of mind, avoiding online reviews which tend to be biased. You can also look at Google map listings to find local companies who are still in business, offering fantastic damp proofing services. You may initially think this is a bit of a minefield, but try to find a company that has been around for a long time and you will be fine. The best damp proofing companies have been around for many years, they have plenty of experience and have seen plenty of different styles and designs come and go over the years. It is recommended that you use a contractor with an understanding of damp and allowing them to work on the problem so you don’t have damp for many years to come.


Property Preservation

Looking after a property is a full time job, and you have to be prepared to invest in your home, otherwise it will simply fall into disrepair. Remember that keeping on top of regular maintenance is always better than waiting until the situation become much worse, as this will cost much more money and time.

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