Contest Dual-booting WinXP and OSX on an Intel Mac

Contest Dual-booting WinXP and OSX on an Intel Mac

The Race is on a reward has been offered ($100) to try and work out how to boot XP on the new Mac. I’m not really sure why but if people are willing to pay $2500 for a nice note book and then run XP with poor driver support and what’s sure to be and unstable experience then good luck to them. If they want to pay someone to show them how to introduce windows headaches into an otherwise pleasant experience then good luck to them.

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An increase in the quality of the XP drivers will result in a huge increase in the quality of output from the laptops as a result. Laptops are now a critical element of every day society never mind business. Society now revolves around the use of laptops, in the form of social media in the form of blogging and now particularly the increase of the popularity of vlogging. There can be no question that laptops are now a crucial element of everyday life and the introduction of a dual booting WinXP and OSX can play a huge role in speeding up the communication process within the industry.

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Speeding up the process of the processor of laptops will be a critical factor in ensuring that people continue to embrace laptops as an everyday component of their lives. It is crucial that people continue to utilise laptops on a daily basis otherwise they can be drastically impacted by not being able to communicate as quickly as they possibly could. Communication is the most important skill which humans possess, and evolution has proved us to be the best at it without question. Communication is so important in any culture around the world, and laptops make communication far easier than it ever was before. Therefore, speeding up this process is undoubtedly extremely good for society.

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